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Tsang kin-wah

Publicado: janeiro 29, 2010 por Yogi em Arts, Poetry, Tudo

Artist Statement (

What are TRUTH and REALITY? Do they exist? Can people perceive or find them out? And how?

Generally, those concepts and ideas accepted and believed by the majority would be considered as “Truth” or “Reality”, but is it really the case or they are just relatively “true” and “real”? We can say that the so-called “Truth” and “Reality” are subjective, temporal and regional.

The appearance of things does not necessarily reflect the inner ‘Truth’. Beautiful things could be either beautiful or ugly inside and the same case also applies to ugly or vulgar objects. The linkage between the surface and the inside, the outer and the inner is rather fragile and is relied on how people perceive or interpret things and whether they would carry out these processes under the existed norms, believes or from different points of view.

The so-called “Art”, for some artists, has its own realm that exists for its own sake and does not or even should not reflect or interact with the things and objects outside. However, as we are living in the world and are surrounded by different things and objects, the ways we think, live and behave are inevitably affected by and linked with the outside world. In fact, we are embedded in a close and inseparable relationship with our surroundings. For me, art is not emancipated from the world but rather reflect or link with it. By posing different kind of questions and thinking about what we are familiar with, what happens around us and the legitimacy of pre-existing things, ideas, believes, etc., showing altered compositions which is different from the existing, and combining and juxtaposing the classic, elegant form with vulgar, secular content, viewer would be lead to rethink about the legitimacy, authority and authenticity of the existing views and ideas from a different angle.