Dalai Lama at Charlie Rose

Publicado: junho 19, 2009 por Yogi em Tudo

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  1. 迷你倉 disse:

    China has canceled or postponed several events meant to highlight its rapidly improving relations with Taiwan, apparently to show anger over the Dalai Lama’s visit to the island, Taiwan’s ruling party said.

    The Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit, aimed at comforting victims of last month’s deadly typhoon, has posed the most serious challenge to relations between the island and the mainland since President Ma Ying-jeou took office 15 months ago on a platform of ending 60 years of hostility.

    Taiwan’s ruling party said it sent an emissary to China last week to try to explain why Ma approved the visit.

    ”Beijing’s attitude toward this is important to us, so we tried to explain to them about Taiwan’s thinking,” Nationalist Party Deputy Secretary General Chang Rong-kung said.

    He did not say how China responded.

    China has canceled or postponed at least two planned visits to Taiwan, and nixed ceremonies meant to mark the expansion of direct air service, said Nationalist Party spokeswoman Chen Shu-rong. China had already said its delegation would not join Saturday’s opening ceremony for the Deaf Olympics in Taipei.

    An official with China Southern Airlines, however, said no ceremony had been planned for the direct flights, saying budgets are tight and such flights have become routine.

    China had warned that the Dalai Lama’s visit was ”bound to have a negative influence on the relations between the mainland and Taiwan” – a far harsher stance than its earlier comment that placed the blame for the visit on Taiwan’s pro-independence opposition rather than Ma.

    The opposition invited the Dalai Lama to visit and comfort victims of the typhoon, which killed 670 people. Ma later approved the visit but said he would not meet the spiritual leader.


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