Reform, a Top Priority

Publicado: janeiro 23, 2009 por Yogi em Capital, Culture, History, International, Juris, Philosophy, Politics, Tudo
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United Nations Headquarters BuildingReform of the United Nations – enhancing its relevance and effectiveness for the world’s people in the 21st Century –  is a priority concern of the Member States. At the 2005 World Summit world leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a strengthened United Nations with enhanced authority and capacity to effectively and rapidly respond to the full range of global challenges of our time. With the Organization engaged with a range of pressing global issues in every part of the world, a renewed, revitalized and more responsive United Nations is needed more than ever.

In January 2008, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon outlined the broad fronts on which the United Nations needs to advance if it is to meet the challenges facing the Member States and their peoples in the 21st Century. In areas like the environment, public health and human security, the world is facing threats and challenges that respect no boundaries. But by their nature, these challenges also expand the possibilities for collective action by States and other entities and actors, such as civil society and the private sector, enabling the UN to be the focus for concerted action to advance the common good. The UN is only meaningful to people if it is effective and relevant. Therefore, working to deliver concrete results in making people’s lives safer, healthier, more prosperous and free from fear and injustice must be a priority. Finally, progress on these fronts can only be assured through the full accountability of all parties to each other. Strengthening the Organization requires joint action by Member States, the UN’s senior officials and staff, and others. Member States are discussing a number of issues that fall within the remit of the respective Charter organs. Side-by-side, the Secretary-General, in consultation with Member States, is also moving forward to ensure that an efficient, relevant and accountable UN is working to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. These efforts are outlined below, with links to further information.

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